Our motto at Princeton Playspace is and always will be #Playmatters

A child playing is a child working.  They learn by doing, repetition, and problem-solving.  We are here to support that learning process.  The main goal of our talented and friendly staff is to provide a warm, safe, clean, and supportive environment that fosters thinking, creativity, self-confidence, and social skills building.

Princeton Playspace offers open playbirthday partiesclassesplaygroupsparent support groupstherapy and special events. This is why we have made it our cause to spark curiosity in your children and allow them to learn through their five senses. Our playspace is ideal for children from ages 0-10.  The first years of life are crucial for learning and they set the foundation for future learning. 

Parents and caregivers - we have not forgotten about you! We consider the families within our communities as partners and look forward to being a team. We want people of all ages to connect, share experiences, and build new friendships, which is why we’ve created our café area complete with healthy snacks, coffee, the latest magazines, and free Wi-Fi. Come and relax while your child enjoys fun-filled days of play at Princeton Playspace!