Babbling to Talking

  • 23 Months Milestones

    Roman lovesMy baby is almost 2 – wow! He answered with “I love you too” when I said “I love you” this week. He is so proud of his name now and says “I Roman”. If he is pretending to be a dinosaur he will say “I dinosaur” and then will say phrases such as “eat the nose (or whatever else he is eating!)”.  Speaking of dinosaur, he loves opening dinosaur eggs and he continues to make them stand up as if they’re in a herd within a forest. And this animal lover even got to walk a dog this week! In terms of expressive language, he says “hotty soup”.  He comments on aesthetics of items.  For instance, he says “hair nice”.  He continues to ask “Where are you ____?” while looking for an item and says “I found it”. If he wants to use something such as our phone he says “I use it”.  

    Roman smelling the flowersHe got to go on a Bunny Chase at Terhune Orchards where he ran around, went on a wagon ride, and ate lots of apple donuts. He was playing chase with children and telling kids to “wait!” when they were leaving. He was even trying to blow his bunny bubbles this week and loves smelling flowers – I guess that’s what living in the burbs does to you!  When asked “Where do you want to go?” he says “Demet house” because he loves hanging out with his friends Demir & Su Eva. During play, if we touch any of his puzzle pieces he says “this is mine”. If he wants us to hold something he says “hold it mommy”. He also requests help via “help me mommy”.  Speaking of help (or no help that is!), he has figured out how to snap himself into the car seat! In terms of pretend play, he now pretends to be a dog by getting on all fours. He also pretends there is a ghost and says “shhh”.  

    Roman loves huge tvRoman help us set up the playspace before opening day – especially the sensory bins!  And he wore his finest on opening day!  It’s the first week the playspace has been open Roman came to visit for an hour or two a few days during the week.  His favorite part of the pretend town seems to be the ice cream store where he loves to scoop the ice cream into cones and pour tea into the cups.  He also loves the garage, running with the dog, and the light table.  Roman even got to have his first playdate at the playspace with his Thursday playgroup.  He had two rounds of play one day and was so exhausted!  Think we are going to gradually bring him there little by little since it’s time to get used to sharing with others!  And by the way, he already treats himself to gifts at the playspace’s store – he’s obsessed with the animal sticker books!  He does help us run errands for the playspace though.  We had to buy a computer at Best Buy and he was mesmerized by the big screen TVs!  He even got his nails done with mommy for the first time and LOVED it!

  • 22 Months 3 Weeks Milestones

     Roman lounging  He has been putting lots of new phrases together.  For instance, he comments on items that are “pretty”.  When my mother put her sunglasses on, he said “grandma nice”.  He wakes up and finds me in the morning and says “Hi mommy”.  If he doesn’t want us to touch something he says “go away” or if he knows it’s time for sleep he says “go mama”.  But then if he wants us there and we are leaving he says “mama wait wait”.  He imitated “I love you” many times this week, which melted our hearts.  He also said “Uncle Reza” more clearly.  He tells us phrases such as “come on mom” and always requests to go “upstairs” because he wants to watch dinosaurs.  He produces phrases with “now”.

    Roman with berrie  In terms of receptive language, he answers “What is your favorite animal?” with “dinosaur”.  He has also started to answer what he did such as “Where did you go?” with “gas station” and will say “bye station” as you’re leaving.  He also requests “yoga”.  He now sits in a chair at restaurants and eats without getting up most of the time – he can eat the bread for 45 minutes or so!  He comments on food such as “yummy chicken”!  Speaking of food, he loves his blueberries and raspberries this week – even sticks the raspberries on his finger!  He also comments on weather by saying “cold” and hugging himself.                                                                                                    

    "Roman  He’s been great at eating his greens such as asparagus and collard greens.  He insists on eating by himself using his utensils, which is exactly what you’d expect at this age.  In terms of play, he has full on pretend phone conversations, which crack us up!  He also gets a kick out of hiding under pillows and says “I hiding” and loves when you say “Where’s Romie?’, which makes him laugh very hard!  He now watches movies with incredible focus.  We tried to go on an Easter Egg Hunt this week, but he was much more interested in the animals.  He got to visit the Mo Willems exhibit at the New York Historical Society.  And he got to see the Dinosaurs Among Us exhibit at the Museum of Natural History plus the Tyrannosaur again of course!  He takes his setting up of dinosaurs on the table very seriously and is obsessed with his dinosaur magnets!

  • 22 Months 2 Weeks Milestones

    Roman sweepingHe produces 3-word phrases such as “eat the book” when he is using his dinosaur mask.  He say’s “I got it” if he picks something up with his dinosaur puppet.   He is getting better about pairing “open” with other words such as “open egg”.   My mother and I were talking about how he will imitate unfamiliar words – even “taxes” when he overhears us talking about it haha!  When we get home from work he says “mommy here” and “daddy here”.  He has been using “the” in a lot of his phrases such as “eat the sausage”.  He says “come lay down”.  He saw his dad eating chocolate and he said “I want eat chocolate”.  

    Roman pretending.In terms of receptive language, he answered “where” questions.  For example, for “Where does a pig live?” he will answer with “farm”.  He went back to his old stomping grounds – The Art Farm on the UES where he petted a variety of animals.  He said “scared” when Benny the turtle was crawling toward him.  He’s also labeling “boy” and “girl” sometimes.  When at Barnes & Noble, he read tons of dinosaur books and kept requesting “another book”.  His grandparents bought him two dinosaurs and said “I got dinosaurs”.  On the way back home he was recalling the names of the dinosaurs and he said “T Rex”.  His symbolic play is also advancing.  He was helping me put together a stand and pretended two pieces were dinosaurs and had them “roar” at each other.  He’s been very into his magnetic dress up doll as well.  

    Poking holes in boxesRoman is getting great at having a basic conversation.  Someone this week said Hi to him and he said “Hi” back.  He then answered his name “Roman” and said “5” when the woman asked how old he was haha!  We practice “2” since he’s almost 2!  Roman has been a big helper at the playspace.  He wants to help putting things together with screwdrivers and has mastered how to use a measuring tape.  He is of course has been trying out the pretend town as well. And he’s figured out a fun activity with boxes – to poke holes in them with a pen… oh the things that entertain most two year olds!  And he’s figured out how to put olives on his fingers, which I used to do as a child as well!

  • 22 Months 1 Week Milestones

    Roman and filmingHe started the week right with a Mr. Ray performance at Forrestal Village!  He danced the night away and Mr. Ray even sang a dino song for him.  Roman says cute 3-word phrases such as “hold it dinosaur” if he wants you to hold it.  He pretends to feed his animals and says “eat + food item”.  He was looking for my dad and said “Aypo where are you?”.  He says phrases with “other” such as “other foot”.  And will repeat new phrases like “sweet guy”.  When he sees buses, cars, or trucks he says “round and round”.  He regularly greets everyone and parts with people via “Hi + name” and “Bye Bye”.

    TAG.  He’s very into putting my shoes on and says “shoes on”.  He says the phrase “put here” often.  He loves using and repeating expanded phrases.  For instance, if he says “head” we may say “put it on my head” and he’ll try to repeat it back!  He follows lots of directions throughout the day as in “go get your sheep diaper”, “go give it to grandma”, etc.  Time to help with more chores! ;)  In terms of play, he loves trying to fix things and put them together with a screwdriver (e.g. – his guitar in my parents store).  We made play dough together in the kitchen.  He also helps mommy with errands for the playspace.  During the weekend, he got to be filmed for a documentary in Marquand Park.  He of course brought his dinosaurs with him – on the swing, in the snow, and everywhere else!  He brings his whole bucket and has them stand up wherever he is – at the pizza place, restaurant, book store, playground… you name it!  We also got to go to the Kids Food Fest in Bryant Park where he loved trying all the yummy snacks and drinks.  He loved the lion at the library and just running around the ice skating rink!

    TAG. Roman got to see his close friends Demir and Su Eva during the weekend.  He was very interested in playing the violin.  He watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and was cracking up at the funny parts.  He also watched Good Dino, which is totally appropriate since he has an obsession!  He was mesmerized!  Think we know what his birthday theme is ☺  He loves acting like a dinosaur and roars all day long!  He even found a dinosaur within an egg by tapping away at it with a hammer – my little archeologist!  He loved digging and requested, “brush”.  And to top off the week – he got to see the Tyrannosaurus at the Museum of Natural History… biggest dinosaur of them all!  We also got to visit some playspaces in New Jersey called Coco Beans Café and Little Dreamers Café which he loved!  

  • 22 Month Milestones

    Roman and Ellis on a playdate Roman had a two fun play dates with his friend Ellie this week.  He loved chasing the cat around while saying “meow meow”.  We also got to go to Wild Flour Café to get gluten-free cupcakes and even visited Aunt Jill’s log cabin.  He tells us to “sit there” or “sit here” if he wants to play something with us such as puzzles.  He loves the more difficult floor puzzles and says “fits” and tries to say “doesn’t fit”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

    Roman is 22 monthsHe says “mommy huggie” and “mommy see you” if he found me and gets so excited!  For the first time he answered his own question: “What’s that? Banana”.  He recalls events from last week such as “circus animals”, “circus grandma”, and “birthday grandma” (because he was watching a birthday cake show with his grandmother).  He used other new words and phrases such as “tower”, “do it”, “reach”, “want”, etc.  He asks where his pacifier is for sleep “Fier where a you?”.  He also asks in question form “no more?” if something is finished.  He produces number + item such as “5 trees” while hiking, which he loves to do!  He also says “okay” all the time now!

    Roman smelling fruits When asked “How many fingers do you have on your hand?” he says “5”.  He’s starting to follow directions with more prepositions such as “Put it on the couch”.  We went to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan to learn about Muslim Cultures all over the world.  When we got there he was not happy that we had to put his stroller and diaper bag away. He kept saying “stroller mine” and “my bag”, but as soon as he saw the space he was fine!  He loved the exhibits like the camel and listened to “Let’s get on the boat”, “Let’s drive the car”, etc.  He got to smell different kind of fruits, touch different fabrics, and build minarets.  His favorite was playing with the dates, pepper, and pistachios.  His grandmother got him a set of dinosaurs, which are now is prized possessions.  He thought the pterodactyl was an eagle and he said “fly eagle fly” – so cute!  His obsession with dinosaurs is intense this week – won’t leave the house without them!  He’s also loving long hikes on the canal, putting change into Robot bank, and wearing momma’s shoes!  And he’s a pro at helping out in the tailor shop – he tries to put on my mother’s glasses, labels colors of threads, and even tries to help take the customer’s measurements!

    Roman with family And the little guys knows all the hiding spots for lollipops!  When he does get one as a treat he is on Cloud 9 – starts thanking you and smiling!  He’s so sweet when we get home from work – gets soooooo excited, runs to us with the biggest smile, and greets us with “Hi mommy” or “Hi daddy”.  And poor baby had another diaper rash – he told us “be careful” as we were putting the diaper rash cream on.  And he has been starting to go pee in the potty for the first time – we’re starting to work on it gradually.  Roman has also become very independent about using the toothpaste and toothbrush independently.  He is also really starting to understand the concept of being scared.  While reading a book at the library he said “ghost scary”.

  • 21 Months 3 Weeks Milestones

    Roman watchingHe’s been quite a daddy’s boy this week!  When he didn’t see his daddy, he said “Daddy where are you?”.  He even told me to “call daddy”. And he is so loving this week - wants a “huggie” from everyone.  He comes running to you with arms open wide!  When he wants us together and misses us he says “mommy daddy”.  He got to make Valentine’s Day cards with his dad at Twirl Toy Shop this week!  He has also been very protective of his “bag” and always wants us to bring it everywhere with us.  He produces “box”.  He also produced long phrases such as “I need this” and “I don’t want to”.  He even says phrases with “there” such as “right there”.   He continues to say “no thank you” or “thank you”.  For instance, I offered a book without animals at the library and he said “no thank you” – it has to be about animals!  He continues to love reading and makes comments like “pee yewww” if he sees skunks and always labels or comments.  He loves playing with his letters in the bath.  He imitated his first curse word this week – rhymes with pit - uh oh!  We have to really watch what we say!  

    Roman watching grandmaAs for receptive language, He has been listening to lots of complex 1-2 step directions that involve distance such as “Go give your Uncle Reza a hug” or “Go get the sheep diaper in the bathroom and give it to me”.  He even puts his clothes in the laundry basket!  We find that he is really curious and watches everything – he even watches my mother who is a tailor sew at her sewing machine… studies her every move!                                                                                                                  

    Roman loves popcorn He got to go on a few adventures after he was all better!  We took him to the Toy Fair where he got to go see the latest toys at the Play Fair (wouldn’t let go of his popcorn!).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

    Roman at big circusHe even got to go the Big Apple Circus and was mesmerized by the trapeze artists (as were we!).

  • 21 Months 2 Weeks Milestones

    Roman having a tantrum Roman is officially a toddler this week!  He has been producing so many different words, but if he is having a tough time communicating he gets frustrated very easily and screams or whines.  I find that even if he knows the word for what he wants he will not say it because the frustration takes over.  He also has quite a high-pitched scream these days - he definitely experiments with different octaves!  In terms of play, he engages in more pretend play (e.g. – farm, rescue vehicles, skyscrapers, etc.) and still loves trying to carry heavy objects.  Floor puzzles (especially dinosaur ones) have also been a favorite!  During Super Bowl Sunday, he loved eating the buffalo cauliflower.  He’s now into picking grapes of the vine and eating it.  And Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so he’s making his Valentine’s Day Cards!

    Roman and valentine candy He has generalized “slippery” to the bathtub and loves saying “splash” while he splashes.  He labeled “crocodile” and “dragon”.  He produced lots of phrases such as “sausage bread”, “I want this”, and “take this”.  He’ll also say “have” when he hands you something since we say “Let me have it”.  He makes us hold all of his animals and can play with his farm for more than an hour.  He even asked a long question “Cow where are you?”.  He makes things fall and says “Oopsies” and “sorry” all day long!  And big news – he answered “Romie” when asked “What’s your name?” this week!  And he consistently says “anne” to my mom, which means mom in Turkish… the actual word is very close “anneanne”.  He also said “no thank you” when he did not want Valentine’s Day candy – shocker!  He did love eating heart-shaped lollipops while making his Valentine’s cards though!

    Roman loves puzzles He’s been doing a very cute thing and showing off his new boots and draws attention to them by saying “shoes” – he even said it to a police officer!  He got to see The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show in NYC and was mesmerized.  He labeled animals like “bear” and told me to “clap” when the audience clapped.  He also got to visit a new playspace in Brooklyn called Curiosity on Court.  He loved the puzzles, wooden blocks, and went into a jungle gym for the first time.  His father and grandfather went in with him!  One of the boys there was picking on him by hitting and he didn’t hit back, but did scream and cry.  

  • 21 Months 1 Week Milestones

    Roman with snowman It is the sweetest thing!  He now says “hold you” instead of “hold me” most likely because I say “Let me hold you!”.  He uses descriptor words like “big” and even said “heavy” when he was trying to open the refrigerator.  He says “mommy no” and “daddy no” if he doesn’t want us to do something or if he doesn’t want us to leave.  He pretends to count and says “5”.  He tells you to “stop” if he doesn’t want something done.  He will say “take” if he wants you to hold something.  From all the way across the room he pointed to a donkey and said “What’s this?”.  Since there’s still plenty of snow in the driveway we brought it in again and he made his first snowman and labeled “carrot”.

    Roman in his dinosaur boots Roman continues to adore animals and pretends to ride a horse, roars holding his new lion, and loves the sheep on his nighttime diapers.  He plays endlessly with his farm and even has his monkeys sleep in his dollhouse.  He found a shark and pretended to be scared of it by throwing it and screaming.  He doesn’t want to leave the house without his dinosaur boots and always shows them off to people.  He pretended to be a doctor while on a playdate with his friend Alex.  He checked my eyes while saying “eyes” and made me say “ahhh” while checking my mouth.  He did the same to a bear.  He got to the Ice Sculpture Festival while we were away in Miami this weekend and loved dressing up the bear.  His feet got stuck in the mud, which he wasn’t too happy about!  He got to be spoiled by both his grandmother though, so you can’t beat that!  And he was thrilled when we returned ☺

    Roman with his bear He hasn’t been a fan of his high chair this week and will fight going into it.  Our high chair days may be over!  He does enjoy sitting in the shopping cart when going shopping at Target, the supermarket, etc. While eating he says “taste”.  He also uses descriptor words like “soft”.  And if he really likes something he says “yummy”.  He loves singing “Let it Go” from Frozen and will say “Goooo” while dancing.  You see him with his Anna, Elsa, and Olaf bath toys everywhere.  He also tells you he wants to sing “Old McDonald” by saying an animal’s name.  Roman answer’s “What does a ____ say?” consistently with a variety of animals.  

  • 21 Months Milestones

    Roman loves cleaning grandma’s shop We’re still clearing the mounds of snow!  Roman said “nana car” when he was inside and his grandmother was clearing the top of the car outside.  When we get home from work as soon as he sees us he says “jacket”, “shoes”, “shoes off”, etc.  He says “mama no”.  He requests the TV Show “Blaze” and “Zoomi” for UmiZoomi this week as well.  He even labeled one of the characters “Molly”.  If he is hungry this week, he will tell you “eat”.  At breakfast time he tells you exactly what he wants by walking to the refrigerator – “cereal”, “juice”, “strawberries”, etc.  He produces “apple juice” and “orange juice”. He’s beginning to join “more” with more words such as “more apple” as well as “Where?” such as “Where taxi?” when he lost it.  

    Roman loves throwing stuff in the garbage Roman loves following the direction “throw it in the garbage” this week.  He also loves helping grandma and grandpa clean the tailor shop.  He definitely knows the difference between letters and numbers.  His favorite letters are I, O, and A. He gets O right consistently – he labels them while reading and on mommy’s laptop keyboard!  He is starting to sing his ABCs really well too!  He loves counting when on the steps and he sees what looks like numbers he will start saying them such as “3, 4, 5”.  And as for colors, he has been labeling “purple”, “yellow”, and “orange”.                                          

    Roman engages play by himself In terms of play, he will take a toy out of the box himself and engage in independent play. When he is done with it he puts it back.  He loves the Lite Brite prototype that we brought home for the Princeton playspace.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

    Roman at the museum We went to Imagine That! Children’s museum and he loved the “dinosaurs”, “trucks”, sandbox, post office where he made phone calls, and even served me some pizza at the diner when I asked for it!  He also had a playdate with his friend Sammy.  He is sometimes rough and doesn’t realize it, so we talk about gentle touches and how we don’t want to hurt anybody.  Keeping directions literal and meaningful such as “hands down” instead of “stop” has also been helpful.

  • 20 Months 3 Weeks Milestones

    Roman on the big slide Roman produced phrases such as “tv on” and “off”.  He also likes pretending to slip and says “slippery”.  He began requesting the TV show “Super Why” and is mesmerized by it!  He says “thank you” all the time when he is given an item or you help him out.  He has been attempting to count higher – up to 9/10!  He still loves making things fall down and comments (e.g. - “water fell down”).  He keeps saying the adjective “big” and even said “big slide”.  Now that the heat is always on, if he feels it when he passes by he says “hot”.

    Roman got a haircutHe loves following along to “If You’re Happy and You know It” when we play it on YouTube – clapping, turning around, stomping, etc.  He always requests “help” when it is not a video he wants.  He got his 4th haircut and we had to play Frozen during it since he always gets a giggle out of Olaf.  And of course had to give him two lollipops!  When at the hair salon he saw birds and said “Wow birds!”.  He’s loves play dates with his grandma on Mondays – they have pizza parties with the big kids!  We also venture out to Quakerbridge Mall sometimes to go to the play area there.  He sometimes likes to run out toward the mall though, so it’s not the safest!

    Roman loves LakeshoreWe got to go to Lakeshore to check out their latest toys.  He of course gravitated toward the animals and tried to have them balance on the balls.                                                                                                 

    Roman loves magnatiles He’s been obsessed with his Magnatiles and gets so upset when they do not connect or stand up!  Finger crayons have also been a favorite.  He loves being with his baby dolls too and says “babies”.  He continues to love to play with his farm and says “cockadoo” for “cockadoodle doo” haha!  He also says “eat hay” when playing with the horse.  We ended the week with an epic snowstorm!  He woke up and found a winter wonderland of snow.  He said “shoes” right when he saw it then said “daddy shoes”.  He stayed outside for a few minutes, but wasn’t a fan of the wind the first day, so we decided to bring the snow inside so he could have some sensory fun!  He loved playing with his trucks and making snowballs.  He said “snow”, “ball”, “snowball”, “in”, “off”, “top”, “truck”, “tractor”, “digger”, “bulldozer”, and even said “water” and “more snow” when it melted!