Babbling to Talking

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  • 25 Months 2 Week Milestones

    Roman playing puzzlesHis favorite foods this week seems to be oranges and bananas! He has been very into harder puzzles like his bear puzzle, painting, and magnets.  Roman even helps mommy while shopping!  He’s also been a fan of cleaning and says “clean the windows” while he cleans.                                                                                                     

    Roman with parents at churchHe has been asking questions such as “Where did ____ go?” or says “Where are you mommy?” very clearly.  He tells us to “come up here”. He will pretend to be an animal and goes “I seal clap clap swim in the water” – sometimes we wonder if he really thinks he is an animal!  He has been doing an NYU research study and requested “another toy”, imitated her name “Emily”, and said “Mommy here you go”.  He also says cute phrases such as “I want to do that” or “I want to do this”.  When things are over he says “I sad”.                                             

    Roman loves balloons It was a friend-filled weekend.  We went to his friend Nico’s party.  He loved the balloonist there & even tried to blow up balloons himself! Anytime we take a picture he strikes a pose! He also had ice cream with his friend Teddy. We also got to visit where mommy and daddy got married – Angel Orensanz! – for our anniversary. He loved the Brooklyn Bridge Park sprinklers where he poured water all over himself. When it was time to leave he told me “No mama sit”, but I told him it was time to have some food and he said “have some food” while pointing to restaurants. We also created his own pool for him in the yard where he can go fish for his animals.