Babbling to Talking

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  • 25 Months 1 Week Milestones

    Loves ducks Roman spent some time on Long Island again this weekend.  We got to see his great grandma, but he was acting very shy saying “I go outside”.  His favorite part of the weekend was “Feed the ducks” and he kept asking for “bread”.  He has a new fear of the dark and says “It’s dark I scared”.  He fed the geese in the New Jersey too and told his grandma “I fed the ducks”

    Loves sandwiches He’s been very picky about what movies he wants to watch and will point to the TV saying phrases such as “Mama I like this one now”.  In the middle of the night he woke up to tell me “I love you mama” and when he woke up in the morning he said “Sammy.  I pick strawberries”.  When he wakes up he usually requests “cereal” and “downstairs” right off the bat.  He draws attention to any body part that hurts like “my eye”, “my hand”, etc.

    Makes a monkey He got to visit the playspace Recess in Dumbo, Brooklyn this week.  He made a monkey!  He does a growling and lip sounds when children come close these days although he did pretty well interacting at Recess.  He also screams if anyone touches a toy he’s playing with.  He also got to go to the John Park Zoo and recalled at least 3 animals after.  While working on a puzzle at home, he asked me “Can you fix this mama?” and told us it’s “a lot of pieces”.  If he wants to be held when going downstairs he says “No I hold you mama”.