Babbling to Talking

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  • 25 Months Milestones

    Roman masters cup drinkingWhat a huge milestone – Roman has officially mastered cup drinking!  He got to go fishing for the first time ever this week as well!  He has been very into harder puzzles like his bear one, which he can do for hours.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

    Roman sweeps He loves helping out in the supermarket and at the playspace – even tries to sweep!  At the playspace, he touched a snake during Little Zookeepers class, got to paint a dinosaur, and even made a super BIG sandwich!  Little guy went strawberry picking this week too!  He recalled “strawberries” and seeing “chickens”.  He loves the apple cider there.  He was obsessed with putting rocks in a bucket of water and said “rocks”.  He also tried a scooter for the first time with his brand new helmet and he said “I’m so excited”!  He’s getting the hang of it!

    Roman loves soccer We went to Long Island to celebrate his Uncle Reza’s birthday – the big 4-0!  He got to play soccer and loved the BBQ, especially the corn!  We also went to a birthday at Adventure Land.  He LOVED the rides and his dad even won him a turtle!  We went to Asbury Park for Memorial Day weekend fireworks and recalled “baseball” and “broken” since the pinball machine stopped working.  Skeeball was another one of his favorites!  He imitated words such as “pinball”, “amusement park”, “fireworks”, “tacos”, etc.  

    Roman with sand He has been loving his baths this week and requests his whale “I want whale” and says it’s “really fast”.  He loves reading Pout Pout Fish books and is interested in the concept of “dark” vs. “light’.  He now answers more difficult questions such as “Where does a polar bear live?” with “In the Arctic”.  In terms of television, his passion for Paw Patrol and Bubble Guppies has come back.  He participates when Dora is on.  He could still play with his dinos forever (loves his dino box his Aunt Olga got him!).   He continues to love having his dinosaurs fight and uses words like “crash”, “bite”, etc.  If he wants us to join he says “sit here now”.  He often says “I want some”, “I want some more”, or “I want some + item” such as “I want some olives”.  He is very aware of when he is ready for sleep.  He will say “sleepy time”.  If he really needs me he’ll say mee mee mama mo mo”.  If he drops something he says, “I drop it”.  Roman is getting great at recalling multiple past events!  For example, he produces “I playground” when asked what he did that day.