Babbling to Talking

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  • 24 Months 2 Weeks Milestones

    Roman playing soccer It was Mother’s Day this week!  Roman took the mommies out for pizza and did such a good job sitting at the restaurant since he was using his stickers.  He requests help such as “take it off”.  We then played soccer in the backyard and he said “kick the ball” and he is really getting the hang of only using his feet.  We have to sign him up for lessons!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

    Roman at the water table He got to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum this week and was a HUGE fan of the water table and wait for it… DINOSAURS!  He also loved playing a hand biting game with his grandfather – such a cutie!  They even went on an MTA bus.  Roman helps with everything around the house.  You can tell him to go get the play dough container and he brings it or if you tell him to close it then he closes it.  He cleans when you say “clean up”.  He does a very funny thing during mealtime and eats without using his hands as if he is a dinosaur!                                                                                                                                                                                 

    Roman with cupcake Roman has become a commenting machine!  He says “I broke it. As you already know, toddlerhood is a very egocentric phase. ”.  As he’s falling he will say “I falling”.  He said “Other sock mommy” when he lost a sock.  He knew what he heard when I said “I heard something” and he said “turtle”.  He’ll repeat “turtle power”.  He says “Dinosaur I love it”.  He is starting to ask longer questions such as “Can you open it mommy?”.  Roman has been very into reading all of his new books he received for his birthday.  He says “Good Dinosaur” – his new favorite movie!  And he of course loves his Dino Trucks gift.  It was Daddy’s birthday and we got him some Key Lime Pie delivered all the way from Miami.  And Roman got to celebrate again with a House of Cupcakes cupcake (which he ate like a dinosaur again!).  

    Roman with dinosaur If you ask a question he answers appropriately.  For instance, if you ask “What are you eating?” he replies  “I eating strawberries”.  He often says “I have it”.  If he finds something he will say “right here”.  And it’s so cute he’ll say “Help me this” and we model “Help me with this”.  While playing with Legos he says “Fix it Daddy”, “Put the slide in”, “Down the slide”, “Pirates”, “That’s a flag”, etc.  And he likes to say “mess it up” or “make a mess” and destroys things around the house.  He produces a variety of phrases with “I” such as “I stick”, “I do”, etc.  He’s also the boss at the playspace and loves sitting up front.  He got to touch a HUGE snake and even made his own snake puppet during class this week.