Babbling to Talking

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  • 24 Months 1 Week Milestones

    Roman and daddy with cake Roman’s official birthday was last week, but we celebrated this week!  He helped his mommy make chocolate covered pretzels (or ate them!) and we even practiced blowing out candles!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

    Roman and dno party His dino party was out of this world – we painted dinos, made fossils, dug for fossils (in sand and in ice!), followed footprints, blew up dino decorations, and ate dino claws (Bugles) and bones (pretzels)!  His dessert table was DELICIOUS complete with the most beautiful cake and dirt pudding!  Someone had a rough start to the party since people were playing with the dinosaurs, but he pulled through and was all smiles!  Someone drew him a dinosaur on the white board he was in LOVE with.  He was very shy when we all sang him Happy Birthday.  Can’t believe he’s two!

    Roman and gift competition At the party he was beyond excited to open his gifts.  His Auntie Olga and Uncle Reza did a gift competition!  We really didn’t want the party to end.  We are gradually giving him his birthday gifts at home to keep them motivating.                                                                                             

    Roman with magnets He is as excited as ever!  Some of his favorites include of course the dinosaurs, transportation magnets, Lego pirate set, and more!  And he’s still eating cake from his birthday!  We of course still do not go anywhere without bucket – even in the rain.                                                                                               

    Roman watching friend play soccerHe went to go see his friend Demir play soccer this week.  He loves reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” book.  He says the cutest phrases such as “I can’t find it”, “squeeze the lemon”, etc.  He’s obsessed with feeding birds with his grandpa and says “feed the birds”, “bird food”, etc.  He even has conversations about it.  Receptively he now answers a ton of questions such as “Where does a fish live?”, “What does a ____ say?”, “Where you do live?”, etc.