Babbling to Talking

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  • 24 Months Milestones

    Roman is 2 years old Roman had a blast celebrating his 2nd birthday on a beautiful spring day! He got to go to the Central Park Zoo where he was amazed by the birds and kept pointing and saying , “Wow bird!”, “see bird”, etc.  He could not contain his excitement!  And he of course checked out his favorite spot by the seals.  Then he got to have ice cream in Central Park followed by his favorite slide followed by yummy burgers and milkshakes at Black Tap.  He received lots of amazing gifts for his birthday!  When he received a dinosaur shirt he loved he said “Put this here” and I modeled “Put the shirt on please”.  He ran around the streets of NYC and roared while chasing all of us.  

    Roman running He was very excited preparing for his birthday party and even went to go run errands at Target with mommy.  He said “dinosaur tissue” and then “I use dinosaur tissue”.  He loves wearing his dino tail too and searching for dinos in the sensory box – followed of course by lining them up!  Can’t wait for the actual celebration next week!  He has been getting better about letting go of things when they are not his or he can’t have them.  Although when we went to check out a school he tried to take a bucket of dinosaurs and would not stop crying!  My mom said we are in trouble because he now says “buy this” if he’s watching a commercial or in a store and will also say “pay this”.  He has also discovered the attic and “climb the ladder”.  

    Roman visiting schoolsWe’ve been catching him talking to himself a lot while playing… almost narrating his actions.  While he’s doing something he’ll say “I + action” such as “I hiding”.  If he is in a stroller and wants to get out he says “I walk”.  And he loves looking for things.  For instance, he will say “Mommy here?” and then will say “not here” if he cannot find me.  Or if he’s looking for water he’ll say “Water here?”.  And he is very intrigued by things that are missing and will say “Missing?”.  My mother came back from errands one day and he said “I miss you grandma” and he will say “I love you mommy”.  He loves greeting people at the playspace by saying “Hi” and waving.  He always says “Bye” and will even say “See you later”.  He interacts with new children and old friends there (e.g. – pushes them in the yellow car, holds their hand and takes them places, pretends to run after them, etc.).  He requests clearly via “I want + item”.  He can now say “pacifier” clearly when he is ready to sleep, but we really need to take it away!  Wish us luck!