Babbling to Talking

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  • 23 Months 2 Weeks Milestones

    Roman with legosRoman got to go to his Marquand Park movie premier at the Princeton Environmental Film Festival – everyone recognized him!  He sat in the theater for a few minutes in the beginning… with his dinosaurs of course!  He then got to visit the playspace and loves it when it’s not crowded.  He was even pretending to be a fireman!  He also loves the infant toddler area and Lego wall.  He even helps mommy clean by wiping and putting away chairs.  And this past week he has become a Gift of Gab model!

    He is into a new show called Dino Trucks and hasn’t stopped playing with them.  When we were at the hair salon he said “I looking dinosaur”.  He says new words and phrases left and right.  For example “rubber ducky”, “blast off”, etc.  We’re working on his /s/ sound by telling him to put his teeth together and making a snake sound.  Since his whole world revolves around dinos he produces phrases such as “dinosaur fossils”, “baby dinosaur” and other phrases to show possession such as “baby dinosaur”, “dinosaur legs” and “dinosaur horns”.  He can now label all different kinds of dinosaurs such as Stegosaurus and Triceratops – he picks them out from a mile away!  He also has the dinosaurs pretend to eat!  He’s also been enjoying Legos and loves walking on the canal.  He even feeds himself like he’s a king!

    Another behavior he’s taken up is standing on the table, which he also did at a restaurant.  With repeated reminders and redirection the behavior stops.  He says phrases such as “Don’t touch” or “go away”.  And he is quite smart – if someone does not give him what he wants, he goes to another person.  He also associates getting certain items from certain people (e.g. – ice cream from grandparents, movies from dad since he is the only one that knows how to operate technology around here).