Babbling to Talking

  • 25 Months 2 Week Milestones

    Roman playing puzzlesHis favorite foods this week seems to be oranges and bananas! He has been very into harder puzzles like his bear puzzle, painting, and magnets.  Roman even helps mommy while shopping!  He’s also been a fan of cleaning and says “clean the windows” while he cleans.                                                                                                     

    Roman with parents at churchHe has been asking questions such as “Where did ____ go?” or says “Where are you mommy?” very clearly.  He tells us to “come up here”. He will pretend to be an animal and goes “I seal clap clap swim in the water” – sometimes we wonder if he really thinks he is an animal!  He has been doing an NYU research study and requested “another toy”, imitated her name “Emily”, and said “Mommy here you go”.  He also says cute phrases such as “I want to do that” or “I want to do this”.  When things are over he says “I sad”.                                             

    Roman loves balloons It was a friend-filled weekend.  We went to his friend Nico’s party.  He loved the balloonist there & even tried to blow up balloons himself! Anytime we take a picture he strikes a pose! He also had ice cream with his friend Teddy. We also got to visit where mommy and daddy got married – Angel Orensanz! – for our anniversary. He loved the Brooklyn Bridge Park sprinklers where he poured water all over himself. When it was time to leave he told me “No mama sit”, but I told him it was time to have some food and he said “have some food” while pointing to restaurants. We also created his own pool for him in the yard where he can go fish for his animals.  

  • 25 Months 1 Week Milestones

    Loves ducks Roman spent some time on Long Island again this weekend.  We got to see his great grandma, but he was acting very shy saying “I go outside”.  His favorite part of the weekend was “Feed the ducks” and he kept asking for “bread”.  He has a new fear of the dark and says “It’s dark I scared”.  He fed the geese in the New Jersey too and told his grandma “I fed the ducks”

    Loves sandwiches He’s been very picky about what movies he wants to watch and will point to the TV saying phrases such as “Mama I like this one now”.  In the middle of the night he woke up to tell me “I love you mama” and when he woke up in the morning he said “Sammy.  I pick strawberries”.  When he wakes up he usually requests “cereal” and “downstairs” right off the bat.  He draws attention to any body part that hurts like “my eye”, “my hand”, etc.

    Makes a monkey He got to visit the playspace Recess in Dumbo, Brooklyn this week.  He made a monkey!  He does a growling and lip sounds when children come close these days although he did pretty well interacting at Recess.  He also screams if anyone touches a toy he’s playing with.  He also got to go to the John Park Zoo and recalled at least 3 animals after.  While working on a puzzle at home, he asked me “Can you fix this mama?” and told us it’s “a lot of pieces”.  If he wants to be held when going downstairs he says “No I hold you mama”.  

  • 25 Months Milestones

    Roman masters cup drinkingWhat a huge milestone – Roman has officially mastered cup drinking!  He got to go fishing for the first time ever this week as well!  He has been very into harder puzzles like his bear one, which he can do for hours.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

    Roman sweeps He loves helping out in the supermarket and at the playspace – even tries to sweep!  At the playspace, he touched a snake during Little Zookeepers class, got to paint a dinosaur, and even made a super BIG sandwich!  Little guy went strawberry picking this week too!  He recalled “strawberries” and seeing “chickens”.  He loves the apple cider there.  He was obsessed with putting rocks in a bucket of water and said “rocks”.  He also tried a scooter for the first time with his brand new helmet and he said “I’m so excited”!  He’s getting the hang of it!

    Roman loves soccer We went to Long Island to celebrate his Uncle Reza’s birthday – the big 4-0!  He got to play soccer and loved the BBQ, especially the corn!  We also went to a birthday at Adventure Land.  He LOVED the rides and his dad even won him a turtle!  We went to Asbury Park for Memorial Day weekend fireworks and recalled “baseball” and “broken” since the pinball machine stopped working.  Skeeball was another one of his favorites!  He imitated words such as “pinball”, “amusement park”, “fireworks”, “tacos”, etc.  

    Roman with sand He has been loving his baths this week and requests his whale “I want whale” and says it’s “really fast”.  He loves reading Pout Pout Fish books and is interested in the concept of “dark” vs. “light’.  He now answers more difficult questions such as “Where does a polar bear live?” with “In the Arctic”.  In terms of television, his passion for Paw Patrol and Bubble Guppies has come back.  He participates when Dora is on.  He could still play with his dinos forever (loves his dino box his Aunt Olga got him!).   He continues to love having his dinosaurs fight and uses words like “crash”, “bite”, etc.  If he wants us to join he says “sit here now”.  He often says “I want some”, “I want some more”, or “I want some + item” such as “I want some olives”.  He is very aware of when he is ready for sleep.  He will say “sleepy time”.  If he really needs me he’ll say mee mee mama mo mo”.  If he drops something he says, “I drop it”.  Roman is getting great at recalling multiple past events!  For example, he produces “I playground” when asked what he did that day.

  • 24 Months 3 Weeks Milestones

    roman loves twoRoman tells us “Sleepy time” and says “I’m so tired”.  He also says “I funny” and “I silly”.  For example, he put a funny hat on his head and said “I silly” while smiling.  What a sense of humor!!  It was dinner and he said “breakfast time” while smiling to make a joke.  And it’s the cutest thing… he initiates cleaning up by himself and attempts to sing the clean up song.  And this little guy thinks he can eat a whole bag of chips!  He has been randomly requesting milk with a straw sometimes and he hardly ever drinks milk.  

    roman and delancey sign It was Mommy & Daddy’s anniversary so we went to Angel Orensanz and got the cutest pic of him on Delancey Street.  And we of course went to Katz’s Deli for dinner!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

    Roman eats at katz Roman is really into play dough this week and says “Make this dinosaur” or “Help me make this”.  He even said “make a pile” when he was stacking up all of his dinos.  He loves feeding his dinosaur and tells it to “eat ____”.  He produces “how” questions such as “How make this?”.  He also asks questions such as “What’s happened?”.  He comments about things in his environment by saying “It’s ____” (e.g. – yucky, dirty, color).  He tells us to “fill it up” or “more fill it up mama”.  He loves when swing him by the arms and says “swing me now”.  “Now” has become one of his favorite words within phrases since he likes things done immediately!  He also uses phrases with “too”, “another”, and “other”.  He says “no mama this way” to point in the direction he wants to go.  He labels things we never knew he knew like a knight, farmer, etc.  He loves labeling colors.  He pretends to be an animal and says the sounds while acting like it (e.g. – flaps his arms while saying “flying pteradactyl”, swings his arms to pretend to be a monkey and says “oo oo oo aa aa aa”, etc..  Little guy is going to be great at charades!  And the silly guy has been obsessed with Thanksgiving pictures – way to early for that!

    Roman on the log He loved going to Longwood Gardens this weekend and produced phrases such as “tree houses”.  He climbed up four of them and saw “dragons”, “birds”, and much more!  There was even a cool log chair to sit in.  He loved running around the fountains, touching the flowers, and he was obsessed with the “map”.  He wanted me to show him where we were and where we were going.  He also got to go to Chuck E Cheese with his best friends and we even took him to the circus.  He has been helping out at the playspace and at our community fairs.  He still loves playing in the toddler area and getting on the ride-on toys.                                                                                                                                     

    Roman loves the turtle Another favorite is the Little Zookeepers class.  This week he got to pet a frog and even made a frog life cycle.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

    Us with the Mayor of Princeton The week ended with a bang – it was our official grand opening party at Princeton Playspace!  We cut the ribbon with the mayor, had yummy food and cupcakes, did fun activity and just had a ball celebrating!  Mr. Roman wore a Princeton Playspace t-shirt to represent!

  • 24 Months 2 Weeks Milestones

    Roman playing soccer It was Mother’s Day this week!  Roman took the mommies out for pizza and did such a good job sitting at the restaurant since he was using his stickers.  He requests help such as “take it off”.  We then played soccer in the backyard and he said “kick the ball” and he is really getting the hang of only using his feet.  We have to sign him up for lessons!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

    Roman at the water table He got to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum this week and was a HUGE fan of the water table and wait for it… DINOSAURS!  He also loved playing a hand biting game with his grandfather – such a cutie!  They even went on an MTA bus.  Roman helps with everything around the house.  You can tell him to go get the play dough container and he brings it or if you tell him to close it then he closes it.  He cleans when you say “clean up”.  He does a very funny thing during mealtime and eats without using his hands as if he is a dinosaur!                                                                                                                                                                                 

    Roman with cupcake Roman has become a commenting machine!  He says “I broke it. As you already know, toddlerhood is a very egocentric phase. ”.  As he’s falling he will say “I falling”.  He said “Other sock mommy” when he lost a sock.  He knew what he heard when I said “I heard something” and he said “turtle”.  He’ll repeat “turtle power”.  He says “Dinosaur I love it”.  He is starting to ask longer questions such as “Can you open it mommy?”.  Roman has been very into reading all of his new books he received for his birthday.  He says “Good Dinosaur” – his new favorite movie!  And he of course loves his Dino Trucks gift.  It was Daddy’s birthday and we got him some Key Lime Pie delivered all the way from Miami.  And Roman got to celebrate again with a House of Cupcakes cupcake (which he ate like a dinosaur again!).  

    Roman with dinosaur If you ask a question he answers appropriately.  For instance, if you ask “What are you eating?” he replies  “I eating strawberries”.  He often says “I have it”.  If he finds something he will say “right here”.  And it’s so cute he’ll say “Help me this” and we model “Help me with this”.  While playing with Legos he says “Fix it Daddy”, “Put the slide in”, “Down the slide”, “Pirates”, “That’s a flag”, etc.  And he likes to say “mess it up” or “make a mess” and destroys things around the house.  He produces a variety of phrases with “I” such as “I stick”, “I do”, etc.  He’s also the boss at the playspace and loves sitting up front.  He got to touch a HUGE snake and even made his own snake puppet during class this week.  

  • 24 Months 1 Week Milestones

    Roman and daddy with cake Roman’s official birthday was last week, but we celebrated this week!  He helped his mommy make chocolate covered pretzels (or ate them!) and we even practiced blowing out candles!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

    Roman and dno party His dino party was out of this world – we painted dinos, made fossils, dug for fossils (in sand and in ice!), followed footprints, blew up dino decorations, and ate dino claws (Bugles) and bones (pretzels)!  His dessert table was DELICIOUS complete with the most beautiful cake and dirt pudding!  Someone had a rough start to the party since people were playing with the dinosaurs, but he pulled through and was all smiles!  Someone drew him a dinosaur on the white board he was in LOVE with.  He was very shy when we all sang him Happy Birthday.  Can’t believe he’s two!

    Roman and gift competition At the party he was beyond excited to open his gifts.  His Auntie Olga and Uncle Reza did a gift competition!  We really didn’t want the party to end.  We are gradually giving him his birthday gifts at home to keep them motivating.                                                                                             

    Roman with magnets He is as excited as ever!  Some of his favorites include of course the dinosaurs, transportation magnets, Lego pirate set, and more!  And he’s still eating cake from his birthday!  We of course still do not go anywhere without bucket – even in the rain.                                                                                               

    Roman watching friend play soccerHe went to go see his friend Demir play soccer this week.  He loves reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” book.  He says the cutest phrases such as “I can’t find it”, “squeeze the lemon”, etc.  He’s obsessed with feeding birds with his grandpa and says “feed the birds”, “bird food”, etc.  He even has conversations about it.  Receptively he now answers a ton of questions such as “Where does a fish live?”, “What does a ____ say?”, “Where you do live?”, etc.   

  • 24 Months Milestones

    Roman is 2 years old Roman had a blast celebrating his 2nd birthday on a beautiful spring day! He got to go to the Central Park Zoo where he was amazed by the birds and kept pointing and saying , “Wow bird!”, “see bird”, etc.  He could not contain his excitement!  And he of course checked out his favorite spot by the seals.  Then he got to have ice cream in Central Park followed by his favorite slide followed by yummy burgers and milkshakes at Black Tap.  He received lots of amazing gifts for his birthday!  When he received a dinosaur shirt he loved he said “Put this here” and I modeled “Put the shirt on please”.  He ran around the streets of NYC and roared while chasing all of us.  

    Roman running He was very excited preparing for his birthday party and even went to go run errands at Target with mommy.  He said “dinosaur tissue” and then “I use dinosaur tissue”.  He loves wearing his dino tail too and searching for dinos in the sensory box – followed of course by lining them up!  Can’t wait for the actual celebration next week!  He has been getting better about letting go of things when they are not his or he can’t have them.  Although when we went to check out a school he tried to take a bucket of dinosaurs and would not stop crying!  My mom said we are in trouble because he now says “buy this” if he’s watching a commercial or in a store and will also say “pay this”.  He has also discovered the attic and “climb the ladder”.  

    Roman visiting schoolsWe’ve been catching him talking to himself a lot while playing… almost narrating his actions.  While he’s doing something he’ll say “I + action” such as “I hiding”.  If he is in a stroller and wants to get out he says “I walk”.  And he loves looking for things.  For instance, he will say “Mommy here?” and then will say “not here” if he cannot find me.  Or if he’s looking for water he’ll say “Water here?”.  And he is very intrigued by things that are missing and will say “Missing?”.  My mother came back from errands one day and he said “I miss you grandma” and he will say “I love you mommy”.  He loves greeting people at the playspace by saying “Hi” and waving.  He always says “Bye” and will even say “See you later”.  He interacts with new children and old friends there (e.g. – pushes them in the yellow car, holds their hand and takes them places, pretends to run after them, etc.).  He requests clearly via “I want + item”.  He can now say “pacifier” clearly when he is ready to sleep, but we really need to take it away!  Wish us luck!

  • 23 Months 3 Weeks Milestones

    Dinsour He produces sentences “I need more”, “I need that”, etc.  He sometimes adds more words like “I need that dinosaur” or replaces “this” or “that” such as “I need dinosaur”.  If he hurts something he says “toes hurt” or “leg hurt”.  He’s great at initiating play and his imagination runs wild – he’ll pretend to roar and play chase.  He’ll also say phrases such as “water RUN!!”.  He’ll say “Let’s play”, “Let’s paint”, etc.  He tells us “I like it” and “I love it”.  He initiates songs by himself such as “5 Little Dinosaurs Jumping on the Bed” and if he wants you to sing one he’ll say a line such as “EIEIO”.  He sings lines such as “baa baa here”.

    Eating sweets Roman got a visit from Uncle Dan this week and ate a ton of sweets.  He has been better about sharing at the playspace – was even sharing his dinosaur fossils.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

    Our table During the weekend, he joined us for our first Communiversity table where he blew bubbles, ate cotton candy (second time ever!), munched on popcorn, and lots more!  He also got to walk around campus with Anneanne and see all the blossoms.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

    Roman watching a movieHe hit a huge milestone – his first movie ever!  We went to see Zootopia.  He watched the movie in his own big boy seat that reclines and ate popcorn like a champ!  He was a natural!  He tried to run up the stairs once, but that was all the way at the end of the movie.  We also got to visit the Queens Zoo where he loved the birds and farm animals.  This was of course followed by some ice cream.  We also celebrated his friend Asher’s birthday at Bounce U.  He was slightly afraid to go in the bouncy castles, but mommy went in with him!

    Model in clothing line We tried Little Zookeepers again this week and he LOVED it.  He said “WOW!”  and repeated what the instructor Travis was saying about the animal such as “white teeth”.  He still said “I touch it”, but waited his turn very well.  He brings his bucket of dinosaurs everywhere – even runs with them in the playground and brings them on the swing!  He talks to them in the car and said “dinosaur teeth”, “bite”, etc.  Roman also continues to be our Gift of Gab model – check out our Gift of Gab store for the latest in our clothing line! 

  • 23 Months 2 Weeks Milestones

    Roman with legosRoman got to go to his Marquand Park movie premier at the Princeton Environmental Film Festival – everyone recognized him!  He sat in the theater for a few minutes in the beginning… with his dinosaurs of course!  He then got to visit the playspace and loves it when it’s not crowded.  He was even pretending to be a fireman!  He also loves the infant toddler area and Lego wall.  He even helps mommy clean by wiping and putting away chairs.  And this past week he has become a Gift of Gab model!

    He is into a new show called Dino Trucks and hasn’t stopped playing with them.  When we were at the hair salon he said “I looking dinosaur”.  He says new words and phrases left and right.  For example “rubber ducky”, “blast off”, etc.  We’re working on his /s/ sound by telling him to put his teeth together and making a snake sound.  Since his whole world revolves around dinos he produces phrases such as “dinosaur fossils”, “baby dinosaur” and other phrases to show possession such as “baby dinosaur”, “dinosaur legs” and “dinosaur horns”.  He can now label all different kinds of dinosaurs such as Stegosaurus and Triceratops – he picks them out from a mile away!  He also has the dinosaurs pretend to eat!  He’s also been enjoying Legos and loves walking on the canal.  He even feeds himself like he’s a king!

    Another behavior he’s taken up is standing on the table, which he also did at a restaurant.  With repeated reminders and redirection the behavior stops.  He says phrases such as “Don’t touch” or “go away”.  And he is quite smart – if someone does not give him what he wants, he goes to another person.  He also associates getting certain items from certain people (e.g. – ice cream from grandparents, movies from dad since he is the only one that knows how to operate technology around here).  

  • 23 Months 1 Week Milestones

    Roman and Mom under cherry blossomsThe weather has been getting much nicer and the cherry blossom tree has even bloomed!  He now initiates “I love you mommy” and “I miss you”, which of course melts our hearts!  If he by mistake hurts you or sees that you’re hurt he will say “Okay mommy?”.  He also waits for us at the window when we’re coming home from work.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

    Roman watching dino videosHe has been obsessed with using Windex and cleaning – we need to replace that with water!  Our hobby with dinosaurs is ever growing and he even names a “pterodactyl” when he sees one!  He also enjoys watching dino YouTube videos and imitates actions with his dinosaur.  And he’s been having playdates galore!  We also went to PF Changs to celebrate the opening of the playspace – he did a great job of sitting at the table.  We continue to go to the city on Wednesdays so he can spend time with his grandparents and uncle.  He LOVES jumping on his uncle’s bed!  

    Roman eating a donut He has been having quite a few meltdowns, but we’ve learned that talking about his feelings, and then ignoring negative behavior, and finally praising him when he calms down works best.  It’s been a struggle bringing him to the playspace since he sees it as home base and everything as his so you often hear “This is mine”, “I need it”, or “I use it” (e.g. – the yellow Cozy Cab, Lego wall).  He also insists on having a snack (usually chips) when we’re there.  He tried a donut for the first time!  At the Little Zookeepers class he had difficulty waiting his turn and said “touch” and “mine”.  If something is taken away from him he continues to say “no mama”.  And he’s been exhibiting toddler behavior all around such as lying himself on the floor so you can’t pick.